Collection: Noren Curtains

Noren, which act as fabric dividers hung in doorways and entrances of restaurants and shops, are a staple of Japanese culture. They come in many shapes and sizes with a broad colour palette, expressing the character of the shop or restaurant they decorate. Dating from the Heian Period (794-1185), noren were used to keep houses cool and retain heat during winter. Gradually, noren were used to guard entrances from dust, bad smells, and smoke - still one of their main uses to this day!

The Katayama family has been in business for ninety years. The business began when the grandfather of the Katayama family became a "Yuzen Dye" craftsman in Minami-Senju.
After the war, the number of restaurants increased due to the high economic growth, which increased demand for noren.

Ninety years have passed since the establishment of Katayama Noren, and although redevelopment has changed the appearance of the workshop, the dyeing process is still carried out in Minami-Senju, where each piece is carefully dyed by hand. There used to be several dye shops in Minami-Senju using the Sumida River, but now only Katayama Noren remains.