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The Japanese character for "emotion" (情) can refer to thoughts and feelings that occur when something is experienced, as well as charm and enjoyment elicited from an experience.

Kesapasa is a website operated by craftspeople who work together. Because we are craftspeople, the items we make cannot be mass-produced. In these days of mass production and consumption, craftspeople face problems including a decrease in demand, a shortage of materials, and a dwindling number of successors to crafts families. However, there is an undeniable charm to handmade work.

We hope to enrich the daily lives of each and every one of our customers and help them rediscover the charm of handicrafts by directly delivering products we have handmade with love and care.

What is Kesapasa?

The origin of our store name Kesapasa is "Kesaran Pasaran," which is a mysterious object from old Japanese folklore. Around the size of a chicken egg, Kesaran Pasaran is believed to be a white fluff ball that falls from the sky, bringing happiness and luck to those who find it. We hope to achieve the same goal with the products that we craftspeople create, enriching daily life and reintroducing the feeling of owning a beautiful handmade product.

Why Kesapasa?

We launched Kesapesa because, as craftspeople ourselves, we know and have experienced the challenges that come with making and wanting to spread traditional handcrafts in current times. In the days when there were many craftspeople and only handmade products, the division of labour gave craftspeople time and space to focus on their crafts. Nowadays, craftspeople have to showcase their own works on top of creating them, which requires a lot of time.

We have launched this website in the hope that we can contribute to the development of traditional craft culture and distribute it to the whole world.

Kesapasa is managed entirely by craftspeople, even down to the production of the website.

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