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Woodblock Prints

The Sekioka Mokuhanga Studio print collection is entirely produced by the traditional Japanese woodblock printing process, which consists of the print design, woodblock carving and woodblock printing. 

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Japanese Fabrics

Unique and historical Japanese boro fabrics, made and repaired by hand with the utmost care, creating character and longevity.

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Noren Curtains

Noren are a national staple of Japan and act as fabric dividers hung in doorways and entrances of restaurants and shops. They come on many shapes and sizes with a broad color palette, expressing the character of its shop or restaurant. Now you have the chance to design your own!

Our Artisans

  • Sekioka Mokuhan / Nobuto

    Captivated by watching his grandfather print woodblock prints, Nobuto pursued a career in woodblock printing himself keeping the tradition alive.

  • ZenzenBoroboro / Jelle

    Fascinated by Japanese indigo and boro (rags) culture, Jelle started collecting and studying boro fabrics and Japanese indigo.

  • Shodo Eika / Rika

    Encountering a calligrapher who uses brush and ink to convey messages of peace, Rika was fascinated by the potential of Japanese calligraphy.

  • Yose-moji / Mekaru Yuka

    Yuka first encountered Edo-moji because of her love for rakugo (Japanese comic storytelling) and got intrigued by the use of the Yose-moji typeface.

  • Syl Labo / Sylvain

    Aiming to create something that doesn’t harm the environment and hoping to bring healing and relaxation to people, Sylvain makes 100% soy wax candles.

  • Katayama Noren / Takumi

    Born into a dyeing family that has been in existence since his great-grandfather's generation, Takumi keeps challenging himself to find new ways of dyeing.

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